Global Business Partnership Alliance

The Global Business Partnership Alliance (GBPA) was a research-based organisation that focused on providing insights, best practice and practical solutions to the challenge of developing more effective internal collaborative and external partnering relationships. It was launched following research with 100 organisations worldwide to establish key obstacles, enablers and drivers to partnership success.

Led by Amanda Crouch and chaired by Philip Anderson, GBPA established a community of member organisations who contributed insights from their business partnering experience and who participated in GBPA’s Discovery Programme. More than 250 organisations contributed to GBPA’s research.

The organisation completed its mandate having provided member organisations with thought-leadership on key aspects of partnering, such as: 'Aligning Partnership Objectives – a practical diagnostic approach'; 'Being Collaborative - the essential capability for success in today’s business environment'; 'East meets West, building successful Indian-Western business relationships', 'Improving Technology Enabled Relationships'; 'Innovating with Others'; 'Organisational Culture - its impact on successful partnering'; 'Unlocking your Partnership’s Profit Potential'; and 'Vital Signs - for successful collaborative relationships'.

GBPA also developed a set of tools, including the GBPA Relationship Assessment Diagnostic which provides objective analysis of critical business relationships and identification of necessary actions to improve them. For more information on this please contact Philip (at) andersonsconsult (dot) com